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About Us

About Us

My Legal Marketplace was started with a vision. A vision that consumers could simply and easily compare legal services - and instantly make buying decisions without the need to wait for a quote.

We live in a fast-moving world where everything is available in a mouse click or touch of a screen. We felt legal services should be no different. Why should people not be able to compare legal services in an easy and simple way? This sits at the heart of what we're about - we want to make it easy for consumers in their time of need. We can connect you with the right lawyer for you - instantly.

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Our Story

This My Legal Marketplace platform was created as a passion project to curate legal services products. Often legal services are perceived to be inaccessible to the ordinary consumer – and with many top law firms in a salary ‘arms race’ it is also perceived to be inaccessible financially too.

However, many people do have issues in their day-to-day life that would benefit from legal services or legal support to resolve them. Legal service providers often talk about ‘value’ and this site aims to provide consumers with an understanding of how they can take advantage of that value. Be it to pay for services relating to a particular visa, minimising the impact of a dispute or handling a property transaction.

We aim to make legal services more accessible, pricing more transparent and also reflect the value legal services provide to consumers.

Contact Us

You could be a law firm looking for help listing your services or a buyer providing us with feedback on how to improve the experience. Feel free to get in touch with us we're a friendly bunch!